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The Veteran’s Administration consists of two branches: the Veteran’s Health Administration and the Veteran’s Benefits Administration. The Health Administration helps pay for healthcare for U.S. service personnel, including hospital care, VA nursing home care, outpatient services and prescription drug benefits.

The Veteran’s Benefits Administration, on the other hand, provides other types of benefits, including Aid and Attendance and Improved Pension. These programs lessen the burden of healthcare costs for qualified vets and their spouses, provided that they meet certain criteria.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the Veteran’s Benefits Administration programs are not nearly as well-known. Plus, the rules governing eligibility and planning are maze-like and very detailed. But if you succeed in somehow getting through this maze, you can qualify for benefits to pay for nursing aides, assisted living and other necessities.

What is the purpose of Aid and Attendance?

The basic idea is that a former U.S. service member (and his or her spouse) should be able to receive help from the government to manage costs associated with aging, disability and illness.

What are the basic restrictions for A&A benefits?

You need to be seriously injured or ill, or you need to be a senior, in order to be eligible. The veteran also had to have served 90+ consecutive days of military service or longer. Service members who were dishonorably discharged from the military are not eligible. Those who can show that they have a need for regular care (e.g. they need in-home assistance from a nurse) are more likely to receive aid through the program.

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