What Our Customers Say?

sampleJK – Weston, FL
Horacio a sido mi abogado desde el mismo momento en que llegué a este pais hace mas de 11 años. El me asesoro en la compra de propiedades en foreclosure en la corte, contratos con clientes y cierres de propiedades. Tambien ha asesorado a todos mis clientes extranjeros en todos estos años.Una de las cosas que mas admiro en Horacio es que siempre está disponible para responder y asesorarme ante cualquier duda. Eso siempre me dio mucha seguridad en todas mis transacciones.

JK - Weston, FL

sampleAC – Miami, Florida
I am proud to have the opportunity to express my gratitude to Mr. Horacio Sosa, and attest that he is not only a bright Lawyer, but also a responsible professional that takes the time to think in all the alternatives to work on a case, and follows up with the work until the desired results are obtained. In my particular situation I had a very complicated case that involved Estate Law, Guardianship and Real Estate.Mr. Sosa diligently worked over three years making calls, writing legal documents and participating in court to get this entire messy situation resolved. He has closed these matters by steps, and during this time he was really honest and just in regards to his professional service charges.Without any doubt I would recommend Mr. Sosa for any work in the areas that I mention here.

AC – Miami, Florida

sampleM.M., Plantation, Florida
Horacio Sosa has been my attorney since 2011. He has assisted with regard to my husband, who has been in a nursing facility because of his Parkinson's Disease and Dementia. I needed to get him covered by Medicaid for his care in the nursing facility. Horacio worked with Medicaid and myself for at least a year back and forth with them until finally Medicaid was approved for my husband. Horacio was constantly in touch with the appropriate people at Medicaid and would always communicate with me regarding the status. I would call him many times regarding new information that we were supposed to submit and Horacio always complied with what they asked for and would let me know the outcome. He has great integrity, is very personable and patient. He did not stop working on this situation for my husband and myself until it was finally approved. There was another legal issue that came up last year that I needed Horacio to handle. The matter was dismissed to my complete satisfaction because of Horacio. Even at the present time, whenever I need advice from Horacio he is always willing to talk to me with answers to my questions.If I ever should have any legal matters to deal with, I will use Horacio as my attorney. I highly recommend him.

M.M., Plantation, Florida

Dear Horacio,

Your presentation last night to our group, Networking Hispanos, was great! Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us your knowledge and experience in an entertaining manner.

The way you presented this very difficult topic – planning for your death - had a definite impact on everyone. I am quite confident that those in attendance walked away with a purpose for 2015 – get this part of their personal lives in order. This is exactly what we wanted to accomplish.

While the audience was unusually small, everyone I spoke to at the end of the meeting had the highest marks for you. Thank you again for contributing to making our meeting such a successful meeting.


Emma del Real