A Florida Special Needs Planning Attorney: Insight to Help You Regain Control

Florida Special Needs Planning Attorney - Horacio SosaWhether your child was just diagnosed with Asperger’s or autism, a Florida special needs planning attorney can provide solid and insightful assistance.

A Florida Special Needs Planning Attorney: Helping Parents and Caregivers Face Diverse Challenges

Perhaps a doctor recently diagnosed your child with autism or a severe developmental condition; or maybe your healthy child got seriously hurt planning football, causing him to develop a permanent disability related to brain damage. You need a qualified Florida special needs planning attorney to understand your challenges and meet them with an open hearted, strategic way.

You love your child to the moon, but having a child with special needs can place diverse stresses on you and your family financially, emotionally and physically. For instance, you may need to spend months (or years) shuttling to and from various hospitals and therapy. Meanwhile, the costs of handling this care – not to manage the disruption it can create for your career – can add up. Although Florida and the federal government offer benefits programs, to apply for and obtain these benefits – and keep them flowing in – you must navigate a fearsomely bureaucratic maze.

What a Qualified Florida Special Needs Planning Attorney Can Do for You

Qualified Florida Special Needs Planning Attorney - Horacio Sosa
Establishing financial documents, structures and plans can help you manage the uncertainty and regain control over your family’s situation. For instance, our team can establish proper trust documents to protect children on public benefits. Even if the child receives an inheritance, he or she will be able to continue to receive public assistance.

Alternatively, perhaps someone or some company caused or contributed to the injury. If so, we can work closely with your personal injury attorney to ensure that the settlement is structured properly. We can help you establish something called a Special Needs Trust (also called a Supplemental Needs Trust), which can contribute to the benefits that the special needs child can obtain from the government. In so doing, the process can allow you to bypass frustrating “periods of ineligibility.”

Planning is essential for peace of mind. For instance, any funds that you set aside should be managed well. If you have other children, you don’t want to neglect them or their needs, while your taking care of your sick or injured child. Your situation is likely dynamic; it might change over time, for better or for worse.

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