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Here’s a quick synopsis of our five main practice areas.

Our firm Can Help You and Your Family Resolve Problems and Thrive

Our firm provides diverse assistance to families and businesses. Whether you want to explore Medicare, Medicaid or Veterans Benefits to help an elderly parent pay for basic needs or services; you need to organize a business for succession; or you’re trying to untangle a complicated probate mess or fight amongst beneficiaries, you need clarity about what to do and a step-by-step strategic plan to get done what needs to get done.

Our Five Main Practice Areas:

  1. Elder Law

    Elder law covers a gamut of subjects related to the legal and financial concerns of senior citizens. For instance, maybe an elderly parent needs to reorganize her finances to qualify for a benefits program like Medicaid or VA. Or perhaps you want to revise a will, trust, or advance healthcare directive to ensure that a senior’s wishes will be fairly executed.

  2. Special Needs Planning

    Developing and amending appropriate planning documents can empower you, whether you just got married and you want to establish a trust to support your family; or you’re newly divorced or separated, and you want to prevent your assets from going to your now ex-spouse. In addition, proper planning can aid your business as it progresses through stages of growth and shield your estate from tax consequences

  3. Estate Planning

    Taking care of a child or adult who’s mentally or physically incapacitated can be emotionally, financially and physically draining. Our attorneys can help you understand how to reconcile with this commitment by helping you establish trusts and other vehicles, qualifying for or protecting benefits, and developing structured ways for the special needs person to inherit money from an estate.

  4. Guardianship

    A minor or an adult who has suffered physical or mental incapacitation may not be able to meet critical basic needs for health, safety, nutrition and education. The process of establishing a guardianship can help protect the young person (or incapacitated person) from harm. For instance, your elderly father might be struggling with dementia and need assistance from you to manage critical financial and legal issues in his life.

  5. Estate Administration

    Probate and trust administration involves distributing assets and paying off debts after someone has died. But these processes can be quite complicated and can lead to fighting among beneficiaries, unnecessarily excessive taxation, and even fraud/misuse of the estate by the personal representative. Whether you need to resolve a simple, uncontested estate or you want to challenge a personal representative’s eccentric or unfair behavior, we can help.

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