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Whether you are dealing with a parent diagnosed with dementia, a loved one applying for Medicaid or VA benefits, a child with down syndrome, a guardianship or estate administration, you need to be prepared and informed. Our resources may help you ensure that you are heading in the right direction. In addition, our resources can alleviate the nightmares that you are experiencing while confronting these issues.

If you are unsure about how things work in the areas of work that we service, this page should help you answer some of the questions that you have.  By understanding some basic concepts, you will be more informed and therefore you will make better decisions. So, you are in the right place. Use these resources to the fullest extent!

Free Medicaid and VA Benefits e-Books

These e-Books are written in plain language and provide useful information for people needing to understand Medicaid and VA Benefits for seniors. Click on the link, follow the instructions, and you will have the e-Book downloaded to your computer in seconds! Of course, please feel to send us your comments about the e-books.

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Video Help

For those who prefer to learn by watching videos, we also have that option. Please click here to watch our videos. The videos are categorized by practice area and we will be adding more videos in the near future.


Blogs are great to learn the latest about our practice areas. Sometimes we discuss real cases. Sometimes we offer tips.  Click here to interact with us on our blog and leave us comments!

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