How to get to our office

Our office is located on 2924 Davie Road, Suite 102, Davie, FL 33134. GPS devices often show our address as 2924 SW 64th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33134. They are the same address.

Our building is in a CVS Plaza (south east corner of Davie Road), in front of the McFatter Technical College. If you are coming from North on Davie Road, make a left on Nova Drive (the second traffic light after you cross SR 84) and enter the CVS Plaza. Continue driving as if going towards Davie Road and make a left. Pass the intersection and you will locate our building. Our suite is on the lower floor facing the parking lot.

If you are coming from South on Davie Road, you can access our building from Davie Road. There is a signage with the name Horacio Sosa, P.A. that should help you access the building. Upon seeing the signage make a right and you will see our building.

Our suite faces the parking lot. There is no need to take elevators or stairs and parking is free. Welcome!